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Snakebyte Seat Mount for Nintendo Switch

The SEAT:MOUNT holder is the perfect car companion for road trips. Simply by mounting your game devices such as Nintendo Switch or tablets to the headrest with the SEAT:MOUNT, your backseat passengers can free their hands while enjoying entertainments like watching movies or playing exciting games.
With the flexibly adjustable grips laterally, SEAT:MOUNT can fit most standard car seats and be easily installed on the headrest. The ball-and-socket joint enables the holder to be rotated 360 degree. The hinge joint linking the holder and the mount allows up to 180 degree tilt.
Not limited to game consoles, the SEAT:MOUNT allows backseat passengers to load their Nintendo Switch or tablets, ranging from 7 inches to 10 inches. (The maximum height of the holder grip is 19.5cm) Simply by pressing the button on the side of the holder, you can adjust the holder size to fit and fix your device.