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Nintendo Switch Witch Spring 3 Refine (ASIA)

Eirudy is a witch living in seclusion, deep in the forest, in an attempt to escape from a military-sanctioned witch-hunt... A lonely girl whose only friend is a doll.
One day in a forest cave, she meets Adrienne, an adventurous young girl, and the wheels of destiny that determine the future of gods and humans alike are set in motion!
At some point in the story, the player will be forced to make choices that will affect Eirudy’s fate. These choices will alter the flow of the story, and each will lead to a completely different and startling conclusion.
Will your finale be one of hope or despair?

  • Redesigned character graphics by the original artists, new event visuals and costumes added, and everything from the
  • 3D models to the sound effects has been remastered!
  • Interact with a total of 50 unique characters! 
  • In addition to the full collection of updated content in the smartphone version, the Nintendo Switch version of the game
  • Includes exclusive events, as well as a surprise character that is sure to delight fans!