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Thrustmaster Y350 CPX 7.1 Gaming Headset

Thrustmaster presents the new y-350cpx 7.1 powered headset, compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch systems! It combines comfort and noise insulation, with 100% memory foam cladding on the headband and earpieces. Thanks to Thrustmaster cutting-edge innovations, fully experience the intensity of your games with the headset's bass Boost technology! The y-350cpx 7.1 powered headset features powerful, high-performance 60 mm drivers. The frequency response curve is perfectly optimized across the bass, mid-range and Treble ranges: hear everything and react fast! It also features Y sound commander technology, a unique sound controller. 7.1 Virtual Surround sound technology enables gamers to precisely locate every sound in their surroundings, ensuring maximum immersion.
  • 60mm/2.36" High Sound Quality
  • Strong Passive Isolation
  • 7.1 irtual Sorround Sound
  • 100% Memory Foam Cushions
  • 102dB @1mW Audio Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Bass - Over Boosted Bass
  • Handheld Devices Compatibiliy
  • Detacable and adjustable Microphone
  • Lihtium Polymer Battery
PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac