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Music - PS4


  • ₱2,495.00

    PS4 Djmax Respect (R3)


    A legendary rhythm action game finally arrives on PlayStation®4! Enjoy all classic DJMAX songs and brand new exclusive songs with 'DJMAX RESPECT'! ...

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  • ₱1,950.00

    PS4 Lets Sing 2021 (R3)


    Let the music take control and become the star of your party or sing your heart out solo! The next chapter of the Let’s Sing series offers hits...

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  • ₱1,195.00

    PS4 Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory (R3)


    Take a musical journey through the world of KINDGOM HEARTS! Jump in the Gummi Ship and take off to find out what’s next for the Sora, Donald, Goof...

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  • ₱995.00

    PS4 PaRappa The Rapper (R3)


    PaRappa the Rapper returns to PlayStation. Play all the songs and funky characters from the original game. After 20 years since his Debut, PaRappa...

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  • ₱495.00

    PS4 AVICII Invector (R2)


    ABOUT THIS GAME Belt up and blast into the rhythmic regions of unexplored space in AVICII Invector. Created in collaboration with the late super...

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