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PS5 Dragon's Dogma II (R3)


Dragon's Dogma II

Dragon's Dogma is a single player, narrative driven action-RPG that challenges players to choose their own experience – from the appearance of their Arisen, their vocation, their party, how to approach different situations and more.

On your journey, you’ll be joined by Pawns, mysterious otherworldly beings, in an adventure so unique you will feel as if accompanied by other players while on your own adventure.

All of these elements are elevated further by physics technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest in graphics, made possible with RE Engine to create a truly immersive fantasy world in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 2 key features:

Refined character creation options

Dragon's Dogma 2's character creation options are significantly improved from the original game, and players can customise both their Arisen avatar and their main Pawn.

Two distinct and dangerous kingdoms

The Arisen will need to navigate the kingdoms of Vermund and Battahl, both of which are threatened by the Dragon. Each territory treats the Arisen differently, and it's vital to understand your place in these societies.

Sharpened enemy intelligence

Dragon's Dogma 2 features cutting-edge combat where enemies will learn your tricks and react to them. But you can also exploit their weaknesses, and use the environment to your advantage against mighty foes.

Action that challenges your creativity

Wield swords, bows, and chant magic.
The vocations in Dragon's Dogma 2 give you the ability to approach combat the way you want.

Facing the monsters in this world

Beyond the town borders, you will encounter diverse monsters that inhabit the lands.
You will need to decide between engaging in battles or finding alternatives;
so be aware of your party’s setup, the terrain around you, and the monsters you face.

Inhabitants of this world

Travelers, merchants, soldiers and other folk go about their daily lives.
Preoccupied by their own objectives and motives, they all exhibit different emotions.
At times, they may lead you to a quest by approaching you and asking for a favor.

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