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Doraemon Story of Seasons Friends of the Great Kingdom for NS & PS5


Friends of the Great Kingdom

A place where we all feel welcome. a place that feels like home.
Due to a strange confluence of circumstances, the friends find themselves transported to an unknown planet. There, they meet a boy named Lumis, and they agree to live and work on his farm to help him realize his dream. Together, they watch fireworks, gaze at the stars, and get up early to watch the sunrise. The days they spend together will be a treasure to be cherished forever.

Secret gadgets that bring life on the farm to life
Use Doraemon’s secret gadgets to make your farming life more convenient and more fun! “Mini Raincloud” can be used to water your crops, while “Farm Restaurant” can harvest them and create a wonderful meal.
The more secret gadgets you use, the more enjoyable your farm life will be!
You can also combine “Hopters” with “Extra Hold Cloud Spray” to visit farms above the clouds and use the “Adapting Ray” to dive beneath the waves and farm pearls.
The only limit is your imagination!

A world of relaxation that has been beautifully created
The beautiful storybook feel of the game’s world has been upgraded further by the addition of more realistic features including natural light, wind, and environmental sound effects.
The game features a wide array of stunning locations – from golden fields of wheat and the view of the distant horizon from the headlands to deep and mysterious forests.
Watch as the world changes its appearance over time and as the seasons pass, creating the ultimate balm for the weary soul.

Play with a friend!
Play with a friend in multiplayer mode and live your farming life together!
Work the fields in tandem, fish alongside one another…and who knows?
That big turnip you can’t pull up alone might just come unstuck if the two of you work together.

Platform: PS5
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Region: 3 ASI
Genre: Adventure, Strategy
Voice: Japanese
Text: English, Japanese

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