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Hori Multifunctional Playstand for Nintendo Switch and OLED Model [NSW-282]


Multifunctional Playstand for Nintendo Switch

High-grade model that supports both vertical and horizontal installation, which is also ideal for touch pen operation

This product has been confirmed to be compatible with game machines marked with a circle in the table below.

Angle adjustment in
Steps The angle can be adjusted in 5 steps of 30 ° / 40 ° / 50 ° / 60 ° / 65 °.

Supports both vertical and horizontal installation
When vertically installed, the fixed position of the hardware is lowered to widen the backrest and give a sense of stability.

Wide size and stable stability
Larger size than conventional products , compatible with Nintendo Switch (organic EL model).
Achieved a more solid sense of stability.

Game card & touch pen storage
 It is now possible to store the Nintendo Switch exclusive game card and Nintendo Switch touch pen in the stand (Touch pen is not included)