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Hori Slim Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch And OLED Model


A tough pouch that absorbs shock with EVA material and protects small items.

We have confirmed the compatibility of this product with the game machines marked with a circle in the table below.

* Not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite itself.

Double structure with protection

The soft and elastic EVA material absorbs shocks, and the inner bottom surface has an EVA double structure to firmly protect the Switch body.

Design with the image of toughness The exterior design is with the image
of "ruggedness" with a thick and protective design.

Convenient storage space

  • Nintendo Switch dedicated game card storage pocket. (10 sheets can be stored.) With a screen protection and a flap to easily fix the main body, it is safe to carry.
  • With a mesh pocket on the top lid, small items such as earphones and Joy-Con ™ straps can be stored. Compatible with both Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) . (You can store either one.)