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Hori Wired Horipad FPS for NS and PC - Black [NSW-326A]

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It is a controller equipped with the best functions for FPS games.

Motion aim function

Equipped with a function that allows you to operate the R stick simply by tilting the controller. Delicate aiming operations that are difficult with the stick alone can be assisted by tilting the controller.

* This function is different from the gyro sensor / accelerometer of Joy-Con ™ and Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Stick sensitivity switching function

Equipped with a function to adjust the sensitivity of the analog stick.

■ Agile mode ‥‥‥ Quick viewpoint switching is possible
■ Target mode ‥‥‥ Fine and precise aiming operation is possible

Equipped with a back button

Two buttons are mounted on the back, and you can assign your favorite button functions in the same way as the front button.

Equipped with various other functions

■ Various continuous shooting functions ‥‥‥ Continuous shooting / continuous shooting hold / quick turbo
■ Headphone / microphone terminal
* Cannot be used on a PC.
* Some software does not support the voice chat function.
■ Customizable with PC application
You can adjust the assignment (button assignment) function / analog stick sensitivity / motion aim sensitivity.
* A PC is required to use the app. (Please check the supported OS and required system.)


Development commitment points

■ Durability is demonstrated by various tests
  ・ Durability test (2 million button keystrokes)
  ・ Drop test (drop from 1 m)
  ・ Load test (stepping on 80 kg)
 ■ Smooth
   friction between stick input parts Achieves smooth
           stick input by using plastic  "POM" with less friction


  • • Cable length : approx. 3.0 m
  • • Connection method : USB connection
  • • Use by connecting to the Nintendo Switch dock via USB.

When using on a PC

Required system : USB port (Type-A), Internet connection environment
compatible OS : Windows® 11/10

* This product supports only XInput compatible games.
* Direct Input compatible games are not supported.
* The headphone/microphone terminal cannot be used on a PC.

* When using this product, please update the system of the Nintendo Switch main unit to the latest version.*
* This product does not have the following functions. Games that use these features will not be comfortable to play.

  • Gyro sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Motion IR camera
  • Player lamp 
  • HD vibration
  • Notice lamp
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)