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Hori Wired Split Pad Pro Attachment Set for NS and PC [NSW-371A]

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The "Grip Controller for Nintendo Switch" a controller dedicated to mobile mode that pursues operability in mobile mode, is now a set with a dedicated attachment that can be played in TV mode!

  • Can Play both Hand Mode or Dock Mode (Nintendo Switch and PC)

- If you attach the grip controller (L / R) to the Nintendo Switch main unit, you can use it in portable mode and,
- if you attach it to the attachment dedicated to the grip controller, you can use it in TV mode.
  • It is an attachment that allows you to use the Grip Controller for Nintendo Switch as a wired controller in TV mode or on a PC.

Equipped with a headphone / microphone terminal Equipped with
  • • Headphone / microphone terminal, you can enjoy the game while wearing a headset or headphones.
  • *Cannot be used when connected to a PC.

Equipped with microphone mute button and volume +/- button
  •  You can adjust the volume of the microphone and switch ON / OFF at hand.
  • * Cannot be used when connected to a PC.


Please Note
* Joy-Con cannot be attached to the attachment dedicated to the grip controller.
* Peripherals compatible with Joy-Con cannot be used with the grip controller.
* Cannot be used with the grip controller dedicated attachment alone.
* When using this product, please update the system of the Nintendo Switch main unit to the latest version.
* This product does not have the following functions. Games that use these features will not be comfortable to play.

  • Gyro sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Motion IR camera
  • Player lamp 
  • HD vibration
  • Notice lamp
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)