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Lucky Fox 15 in 1 Charging Kit Compatible with Joy-Con and Pro Controller

This product can be used to charge the N-Switch Joy-Con and Switch Pro, it can be used with Switch original dock and the NS Pro charging dock of Lucky Fox, the charging dock has charging indicator and overcharge protection.


Joy-Con Charging Base Use

  • I. Tear off the protective film on the inner side of the support rod on the right side of the joy-con charging base (the side with the USB port), and then rotate it 900 upwards according to the logo.
  • 2. Align the original N-Switch dock with the USB head on the left side of the joy-con charging base and insert it diagonally into the joy-con charging base.
  • 3. After the original N-Switch dock is connected to the joy-con charging base, turn the right support rod of the joy-con charging base (the side with the USB port) downward by 900 and return to the original position.
  • 4. After the original dock is powered on, plug the Joy-Con joypad into the interface to charge. (Can be used with the NS Pro joypad charging dock of this brand)


Joy-Con Charging Base Use

  • l. Insert the USB head of the NS Pro charging base into the extended USB port of the Joy-Con charging base.
  • 2. Insert the NS Pro charging base (removable contact type-C charging head] into the charging port of the N-Switch Pro joypad.
  • 3. Put the N-Switch Pro joypad upside down into this NS Pro charging base and it can be used normally.

Indicator status The indicator light of this product is a charging status indicator, which has two states.
• Charging: red light
• Fully charged: green light