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Moza Racing RM Racing Dash [RS05]

by Moza
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Moza Racing RM Racing Dash

Large Full Color HD Panel

With 16.7 million colors, and a crisp 800x480 resolution on a 5-inch panel, drivers can check their car status, see lap times and so much more in incredible detail.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame

The RM dashboard is wrapped in a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, making it easier to handle, more resilient to bumps, and complimenting the design of MOZA's wheel base range.


60Hz High Refresh Rate

Say goodbye to ghosting or lag! 60Hz gives users a clearer, easy to read HUD that is easy on the eyes.

Popular Racing Sims Supported

With over 10 sims actively developed and supported, use the MOZA Pit House Suite to enjoy immediate plug-and-play compatability for titles such as Assetto Corsa, F1 series, DiRT Rally 2 and more.

7 Digital Dash UIs

Enjoy 7 different unique styles of dashboard to cater to every racing situation. The MOZA Pit Hours Suite allows for easy toggling and configuration, ensuring a setup that is just right for your needs.

Real-Time Data, Real-Time Advantages

Always see the bigger picture with over ten data parameters that can be set. Lap times, relative, tyre and fuel information, fastest session lap and more can be easily deployed and configured.

Quick, Easy Assembly

Plug and play, set and forget! The RM is designed specially for our MOZA R16 and R21 series, locking into place with no need for extra cables, or external power.


5 inches


Color Points
16.7 million

Refresh Rate

Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy

UI Style
7 Configurations Through MOZA Pit House Software

Display Content
Speed, RPM, Gear Position, Fuel, Tyre Wear, Position, Current Lap Speed, Fastest Lap / Last Lap , Real-time Difference with Fastest Lap, Ranking, Relative Info, and more

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