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Nintendo Switch Gungrave Gore Ultimate Enhanced Edition (ASIA)

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Gungrave Gore Ultimate Enhanced Edition

Unique third-person shooter action game just made comeback to Nintendo Switch™. Become Grave, a resurrected gunslinger and ruthless anti-hero, and rain down bullets on your enemies.

Equipped with run shots and full break, the evolved Grave has no cover or retreat in its vocabulary. Rush at full speed and shoot your enemies faster and more mercilessly.

Grave has arrived in a casual look on the Nintendo Switch™. Experience stylish shooting & action with more straight to the point controls using the cerberus pistol with infinite magazine capacity and the death hauler, a transforming coffin.

Better than Ever
Discover the story of Grave and his crew who set out on a great adventure to Southeast Asia.
An emotional adventure that can be enjoyed by not only Gungrave fans but everyone and people of all age unfolds before your eyes over 12 hours of gameplay.

Ultimate Enhanced Edition includes:
Exclusive Skin (DLC) (HK Eshop) :
-Kugashira Bunji
-Brandon Heat, Death Ronin
-O.D. Grave, Gungrave
-Original Grave, Brandon Heat (Young Days)
-Rock N Roll

Item Details:
Title: Gungrave Gore - Ultimate Enhanced Edition
Release Date: 11th January 2024
Official Web:
Subtitles:  English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Platform: NSW
Region: Jap, Asia

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