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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller (Pastel Purple / Pastel Green)

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 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

(Pastel Purple / Pastel Green)

Kick off a stylish summer with new pastel Joy-Con controllers

This item will ship beginning June 30, 2023

Start off your summer in style with this new line of pastel Joy-Con. Whether you’re on vacation or at a family barbecue, you’ll be looking cool with these colorful controllers!

Games come to life through easy-to-use motion controls and HD rumble—advanced vibration features built into each Joy‑Con. Depending on the game, you might use a single Joy‑Con in each hand—or even give the second one to a friend.

Includes one Pastel Purple Joy-Con (L), one Pastel Green Joy-Con (R), and two Black Joy-Con wrist straps.

Model Code: HAC-A-JAVAF
Platform: Accessories
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Release Date: 30 June 2023

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