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Nintendo Switch Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1 Deluxe Edition (US)

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Follow the touching story of Marona and Ash as they complete jobs around the islands of Ivoire.

Use the “Confine” feature to bind phantom units to physical objects on an isometric grid-free map, allowing you to call them to battle and alter their stats.

This is the definitive version of Phantom Brave! [SOUL NOMAD & THE WORLD EATERS] Gig and the gang are back! Utilize customizable “Rooms” to assemble and experiment with different team builds with over 25 different unit types such as Knight, Archer, Nerneid, and Griphos Knight. Make choices that change the story's outcome, scout out battle conditions prior to combat, and even kidnap or do battle with the townsfolk! Carve a path to glory with the first release of Soul Nomad since its debut in 2007, and experience the in-depth gameplay and captivating story of the original on a modern platform.