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Nintendo Switch Radiant Tale Fanfare (US)


Radiant Tale Fanfare

The show must go on!
An unlikely group of performers makes a last-ditch e ort to reform a failing circus: a crazy dragon, a somber clown, a hesitant magician, an
acrobat who can’t entertain, and a reluctant ringleader.

The original story of Radiant Tale introduces Tifalia, a bright new producer who does her best to turn this dysfunctional troupe around and make them stars.


This fan disk includes three all-new play modes with fresh stories and new routes with two side characters, enhancing the complete Radiant Tale adventure!

After Story
Once the stage lights go down, Tifalia continues her journey with her choice of the ve quirky performers she meets. Will she nd
her happy ending beyond the big top?

If Story
An inventive original tale. Just as Tifalia is getting used to her new life as a secretary, a planned celebration introduces new complexities and emotions…

A set of unrevealed mini-episodes taking place behind the scenes during the course of the original game, providing new perspectives, fun, and insight into the fantastic world of CIRCUS.

Item Details:
Title: Radiant Tale Fanfare
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Aksys
Region: 1 USA
Release Date: 27 June 2024
Genre: Otome/Visual Novel
Language: English, Japanese

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