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THRUSTMASTER Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered Headset

Headset developed for a perfect compatibility and optimization on all new generation platforms

Thrustmaster presents the new Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered headset.

The Y-350CPX  benefits from a high level of performance thanks to its powerful 60 mm drivers with memory foam cushions as well as its exclusive Y Sound Commander featuring 7.1 Virtual surround sound audio system.


Enjoy this headset on all new generation platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Mac and Nintendo Switch!





Multiplatform compatibility

Headset developed for a perfect compatibility and optimization on all new generation platforms

PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro

Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X

PC / Mac

Nintendo Switch

VR headsets / smartphones / tablets





HD Audio with the most powerful bass on console ever thanks to 60mm drivers

Premium, powerful 60 mm drivers. Feel the intensity of the game thanks to overboosted bass frequencies! The most optimized frequency response curve for bass / medium / high frequencies: hear 1st / react 1st / kill 1st !

 The best of our audio expertise, taking your performance to the next level

Perfect bass delivery ensuring optimal rendering of in-game explosions. Balanced medium frequencies providing stable reproduction of other players’ voices

Unsaturated treble guaranteeing crystal-clear rendering of incoming missiles in games





Y Sound Commander: get 7.1 Virtual surround sound at your fingertips!

7.1 Virtual surround sound technology allows you to precisely pinpoint the location of each sound, ensuring maximum immersion in the battlefield!

Powerful bass  so that users can feel the intensity of the explosions in game

Embedded rechargeable battery powering active bass 7.1 Virtual sound features

Voice feedback function

Technology powered by Thrustmaster / Texas Instrument / AM3D


The alliance of comfort and isolation

100% memory foam cushions on both ear and headband cushions to provide outstanding comfort: large, ultra-soft ear pads and a headband covered in thick, soft foam padding for high comfort and effective passive isolation

Double electro-acoustic bass amplification, thanks to the earpieces’ unique design, combined with electronic bass boost built into the controller


High-performance microphone
Voice targeting microphone, designed to target just your voice for the most effective communication with your teammates
Microphone is detachable and adjustable, to adapt to every player’s head size and shape