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PlayStation 4 Atomic Heart - Limited Edition (R3)



The history of the alternative reality of the 1950s originates from the development of robotics and advanced technology during the Second World War. The gaming world is not so far from the ideals that humanity is fighting for today. A happy society, the supremacy of science, ideal cities with sun-drenched green parks and squares, automation of everyday life, and the desire to reach the stars. We can get all this in the near future. But shall we look at the underside of an ideal world? Could something like this have already happened? And what can it lead to?


You will have to fight a lot. Choose your best tactics for each unique opponent, use everything that "comes to hand" - starting with the special capabilities of a combat glove and ending with heavy weapons of mass destruction. Combine your defensive capabilities and attacking skills, interact with the environment, and keep an eye on the enemy - it's the only way to win. A wide range of upgrades for all firearms and melee weapons will allow you to tear to pieces anyone who gets in your way. It's going to hurt!


Atomic Heart is an adventure role-playing action game with a closed world, which takes place in an alternative Soviet Union of 1955. Science, equality and fraternity are the main symbols of Freedom in this reality. But what kind of effort does it take to build an ideal society? And what is the price of such a society? Will Major of Intelligence "P-3" have to find out what forces are behind the Utopian dream? And what secrets are hidden in the depths of Facility 3826? The truth will have to be paid in blood.


The global Kollektiv Neural Network connects all flying and ground robots on the surface and in underground complexes into a single network. If you are spotted, reinforcements will quickly arrive from the nearest Auto Factory to kill you. Use various hacking methods and try not to raise the alarm.


Civilian robots, designed to help people, rebelled against their creators. Secret experiments of scientists were the reason why the terrible mutant monsters came to be. Giant machines and bloodthirsty creatures - all of them will become obstacles on the way to completing a secret mission. You must try as hard as you can and study each of the most dangerous opponents so as not to become easy prey for them.



> Copy of the game (PS4 or PS5)
> Steelbook Case
> Premium Stickers
> Artbook
> In-game DLC
> Limited Edition Box


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