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[PRE-ORDER] Sony Access Controller for PS5 [CFI-ZAC1G] [Release Date: Tentative Release Date: TBA]


Door-to-Door option, a separate invoice will be sent to your registered e-mail a day prior to the release for the settlement of the Remaining Balance.

For Store Pick Up, the Remaining Balance will be settled in the store.

Tentative Release Date: TBA

Down payment : PHP 1000

Price Range : PHP 5,090

Sony Access Controller for PS5


Product Description

Empowered Play™

Create new ways to play with this customizable controller kit for PS5® consoles.

Create new ways to play with this highly customizable controller kit for PS5® consoles, designed to help those with disabilities play games more comfortably, for longer.

Create new ways to play with this highly customizable controller kit for PS5® consoles, designed to help those with disabilities play games more comfortably, for longer. Built for easy access, the controller can be operated from any 360° orientation and used on flat surfaces, or be attached to an AMPS* pattern mount.

Adjust the length of the extension arm

  • Set the extension arm's position just right for you and use the lock button to secure it in place for comfort and convenience.


Built for easy access, from any 360° position, on different flat surfaces

  • The Access™ controller’s flexible, adaptable design can fit in tabletop wheelchair trays, attach to an AMPS* pattern mount or tripod, and can be oriented 360° for the most comfortable use for you.


Map Access™ controller buttons according to your preference

  • Map up to two functions onto a single button, or deactivate buttons altogether to avoid accidental pressing.
  • You can even use “toggle on/off” mode, which saves you from having to hold down the same button for extended periods.
  • Or, assign buttons to different positions so the commands you need are exactly where you want them – everything is easily managed and customizable from the dedicated PS5® console user interface.

Swap between custom profiles at the push of a button

  • Players can create and save up to 30 custom profiles on their PS5® console, so choosing the right settings for each game is quick and easy.
  • Quickly switch between three custom profiles stored in your controller with the dedicated profile button.
  • Display an on-screen preview of button mapping by long pressing the profile button.

Adjust all stick settings, including movement sensitivity

  • The “north” calibration of the analog stick is easily programmable, providing flexibility in positioning the controller at the most comfortable angle for you to reach.
  • Customize stick sensitivity and deadzone to better suit your input needs.


Combine multiple controller functionality

  • Use your Access™ controller on its own, or combined with a second Access™ controller. Need extra control? Add a DualSense™ or DualSense Edge™ wireless controller to your setup, and use multiple controllers together to fit your particular gameplay needs, or enabling collaborative play with others.
  • Combine your Access™ controller with a DualSense™ or DualSense Edge™ wireless controller for added features, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, speaker, audio jack, motion sensor, and touch pad swipe.


Full Product Name

Access™ controller

Release Date


Pre-order Date


Compatible Hardware

PlayStation®5 console

Box Contents

·         Access™ controller

·         USB cable

·         8 Pillow button caps (attached to controller)

·         4 Flat button caps

·         4 Curve button caps

·         2 Overhang button caps

·         1 Wide flat button caps

·         Standard stick cap

·         Dome stick cap (attached to controller)

·         Ball stick cap

·         23 tags

·         quick start guide and safety guide





Four 3.5mm expansion ports for external buttons, specialty trigger switches and other compatible accessories


USB Type-C® for charging and initial set-up

Model Number


Product Weight

Approx. 322 grams (0.7 lbs.)

Product Dimensions (w/h/d)

Approx. 141 x 39 x 191mm 

-          stick fully retracted: 191mm

-          stick fully extended: 221mm)

Packaging Dimensions (w/h/d)

Approx. 190 x 80 x 380 mm


This item is covered with 7 days Return Policy.
Before/After filing a request, kindly reach out to Gameline CSR. (videos and pictures are required)