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PS4 Wing of Darkness (R3)

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An unyielding military force has invaded, wreaking havoc from up above.
Blotting out the sky with their sheer size and multitude has earned them the name Blanker. Humanity has placed their hopes in a newly developed aircraft along with its pilots, the Fräulein.
Take to the skies in this fast-paced aerial shooter as you battle against enemy squadrons to rid the world of the scourge. Customize and upgrade your HELT-System to give yourself every advantage to overcome your foes.
As a Fräulein, you are one of the few gifted with the ability to pilot aHELT-System. Experience first-hand what it takes to rout the enemy. Outmaneuver and bombard your opponents relentlessly to succeed.
  • Voice: Japanese
  • Subtitle: English/Japanes