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PS5 Disgaea 6 Complete Deluxe Edition (R1)



  • Genre: Strategy RPG
  • Player(s) : 1
  • In-game Audio: English & Japanese
  • In-game Text: English &French PEGI Rating: PEGI 12
  • (Provisional) Publisher: NIS America, Inc.

From Grave to Glory: Join Zed in his quest to rise above his lowly status and challenge a God of Destruction. Along the way, meet zany characters, explore chaotic new worlds, and discover the power of sibling bonds and determination.

Undying and Unstoppable: Experience over-the-top tactical combat, complete with insane special attacks and a wide variety of allies to choose from. And when things get too hairy, use Super Reincarnation to keep trying until you succeed!

A Netherworld for Everyone: With customisable gameplay features such as Autoplay and Demon Intelligence, both new and returning players can forge a HL-raising experience that fits their lifestyle. Diving into DISGAEA has never been easier! Additionally, Disgaea 6 Complete includes new recolour DLC as well as all previously released character and cosmetic DLC, and marks the DISGAEA series' debut on PS5!

Deluxe Edition
- Disgea 6 Complete for PS5
- Defiance of Dissonance" Select Soundtrack
- Disgea 6 Complete taels of Super Reincarnation