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PS5 The Invincible (R1)

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The Invincible

You are a highly qualified, sharp-witted astrobiologist named Yasna. Being entangled in a space race, you and your crew end up on the unexplored planet Regis III. The scientific journey quickly turns into a search mission for lost crewmates. Follow its trail, but be fully aware that every decision you make can bring you closer to danger.

Uncover mind-boggling scientific phenomena in a cosmic, philosophical adventure set within eerie landscapes. Discover fragments of what’s lost and report to your Astrogator, let his voice aid you in hard times.

Key features:

1.       First-person game based on the motifs from The Invincible by Stanislaw Lem.
2.       Take part in a philosophical adventure on an unexplored planet
3.       Play as Yasna, a highly qualified and sharp-witted astrobiologist
4.       Immerse yourself in the atompunk atmosphere by using various tools, such as a telemeter or a tracker.
5.       Make decisions that matter and witness various endings to your journey

Product Details:
Title: The Invincible
Platform: PS5
Publisher: Merge Games
Region: 1 USA
Release Date: 07 November 2023
Genre: Adventure, Action, Indie
In-Game Text - English, Simplified Chinese
In-Game Audio - English

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