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Redragon K641B-BW RGB Shaco Aluminum Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Blue - Red Switch


Redragon K641B-BW RGB Shaco Aluminum Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Solid Aluminum Board + 60% Size Design - Tiny but mighty, dedicated for unbreakable legend, the solid and frosted aluminum case makes the whole keyboard more steady and durable on the desk, anti fingerprint sweat stains. Feel free to immerse yourself while typing!

3-Modes Connection - Equipped with Redragon innovative tri-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, Bluetooth & 2.4Ghz wireless modes has greatly improved the convenience of daily use.

Hot-Swappble + Red Switches - Upgraded Hot-swap socket allow us to enjoy the fun of making our own unique keyboard freely. The smooth keystroke and low noise level of red switches makes every click easy to register.

3.5mm EVA Silencer Foam - Adding foam inside the mechanical keyboard reduces the sick noise and creates a clean and crisp THOCK sound. Less unpleasant noise, just smooth and satisfying keystrokes!

Gradient Color Design - An Innovative attempt of Redragon keyboard, even before hitting up the RGB backlight, you're gonna be blown away by the stunning colors.

Ergonomic Wrist Rest - Manufactured for wrist care, which is a good accessory for someone who using a computer and typing frequently. This fatigue buster helps you keep online from dusk till dawn!

Software Supported - Expand your own keyboard function such as new modes and effects in the Redragon software. Macros with different keybindings or shortcuts make the keyboard more efficient for work and gaming.

This item is covered with 7 days Return Policy.
Before/After filing a request, kindly reach out to Gameline CSR. (videos and pictures are required)