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Thrustmaster Viper Panel


Thrustmaster Viper Panel

DCS becomes (even) more realistic with the Thrustmaster Viper Panel

Take your DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator) experience to the next level with the Thrustmaster Viper Panel.
With the Viper Panel, you bring components from the F-16 Viper cockpit to your own flight simulator setup. The panel features 32 action buttons + 11 virtual buttons, CMDS rotaries, and various switches. It also includes a realistic push/pull gear lever with LED indication and programmable LEDs.
The Viper Panel is more than just an addition to your existing cockpit setup; it expands your possibilities.

Viper Panel and Viper TQS: an ideal combination

The Thrustmaster Viper Panel forms an ideal combination with the Viper TQS (Throttle Quadrant System). Both products are designed to be mounted together (at a later time), creating a realistic system.
However, the Viper Panel can also be used perfectly fine as a stand-alone product, as it has its own USB connection and can be placed securely on your desk even without the Viper Throttle.

Plug-and-play solution for DCS World

The Viper Throttle seamlessly integrates with DCS World. Thanks to its plug-and-play functionality, the device is automatically recognized, and all functions are assigned (without manual setup). As soon as you connect the Thrustmaster Viper Panel, you are immediately ready to use it.


Expand your combat capabilities with this U.S. Air Force Viper Panel for PC. Experience absolute realism thanks to the control panel’s design, which replicates controls from the Viper cockpit — including landing gear lever with indicator lights.


Get ready for intense takeoffs, combat and landings with 43 metal action buttons (including 11 virtual buttons), one trim wheel (axis), MODE and PGRM rotary selectors on the CMDS panel, jettison, laser sighting, jammer and weapon launch switches.


Viper Panel provides lifelike replica sensations as a backlit panel with adjustable indicator lights on the landing gear controls and TWA (Threat Warning Aux) panel for absolute realism!


Unleash the potential of Viper TQS (sold separately) by expanding its flight and combat capabilities with this comprehensive backlit control panel! You can also add it to your existing cockpit setup as a standalone unit for better in-flight versatility.


Turn your setup into a real military cockpit with Thrustmaster replica products, officially licensed by the U.S. Air Force. From flight sticks to rudder systems, the Thrustmaster ecosystem has everything you need to be a real flying ace. Strike Hard, Strike Fast!

Width: 3.4 inches / 93 mm
Depth: 11.7 inches / 296 mm
Height: 3.2 inches / 82 mm

2.0 lb / 928 g

Box contents:
1 x Viper Panel control panel
1 x USB-C cable
Warranty information and instruction manual

This item is covered with 7 days Return Policy.
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