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Bee PC Racing Wheel 1+1

by Bee

Racing Wheel with a cool and attractive design can be used for all racing games on PS4 / Switch and Xbox One such as GT Sports, Need for Speed, Drive Club, Formula 1, Gear Club, Forza Horizon, Project Cars, V Rally or Dirt.


- Compatible with PS4/PS3/PC/Xbox One/Xbox 360
- Comfortable Rubbered steering wheel
- More Realistic analog accelerator and brake pedals
- ps4/xbox one/xbox 360 require connecting the original controller
- 270 degree rotation steering wheel
- wheel mounted gear shifter & pedal shifter
- more realistic view analog & sensitivity control dialog
- The D input and X input mode switch on the Wheel
- Dual motor vibration feedback
- Wheel Mounted dual clamping system
- 6 buttons available relocation
- PS3/PC - Plug & Play the game