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Hercules Stream 100 Audio Controller


Hercules Stream 100 Audio Controller

Stream 100: Intuitive audio experience in real time.
Control and master all your audio apps instantly, right at your fingertips!
Hercules Stream 100 is an easy-to-use and effective audio controller that lets you stop worrying about audio settings during your livestreams and react quickly. Thanks to this audio controller with a built-in LCD screen, you can manage all your audio sources in real time: games, chat software, music, USB microphone, and more. Hercules Stream 100 lets you individually view and control the sound level of each audio track directly onscreen. Instantly enable, turn down the volume, turn up the volume, mute or unmute the sound! More than an audio controller, Hercules Stream 100 is also a command center: you’ll love using the 4 handy assignable action buttons to customize your controls (multiple mute, URL launcher, scene change…

Stop worrying about audio settings and focus on your viewers. SEE YOUR SOUND.


Full control of the stream’s audio

  • Control the sound of your games and other software
  • Adjust the volume level of your USB microphone
  • Monitor the levels of your tracks with the high-brightness screen
  • Control up to 8 tracks simultaneously

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions/Weight: Dimensions: 113 x 110 x 90 mm / 4.4 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches
Screen: 4.3 inches / LCD type : TFT
Controls: 4 encoders, 4 action buttons, on/off screen button
Connection: Windows® computer: via USB (cable included)
Power: Power supply via included USB 2.0 cable
Minimum System Requirements: Windows® 10 or higher, USB port