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Hercules Stream 200 XLR Audio Controller


Hercules Stream 200 XLR Audio Controller

Stream 200 XLR: Master audience and creator mixes live onscreen

Fully control the audio content being played for your audience, instantly!

Hercules Stream 200 XLR is an audio controller featuring a built-in sound card, allowing streamers to separate the audio mix that they’re listening to from the mix being played for their audience. Thanks to this audio controller with a built-in LCD screen, you can manage all your audio sources in real time: games, chat software, music, XLR microphone, game console, second computer, and more. Hercules Stream 200 XLR lets you enjoy a customized experience by individually viewing and controlling the sound level of each audio track — for you, and for your audience! Instantly enable, turn down the volume, turn up the volume, mute or unmute the sound!

More than an audio controller, Hercules Stream 200 XLR is also a command center! You’ll love using the 4 handy assignable action buttons to customize your controls (multiple mute, URL launcher, scene change…).

Stop worrying about audio settings and focus on your viewers. SEE YOUR SOUND. 

Stop minding about audio settings & focus on your viewers - SEE YOUR SOUND.

Key informations:

  • Real-time control of all streaming volume levels: 4 volume level management encoders (with mute support), 2 pages of 4 tracks each + page management button, headset volume encoder, Mute All button, audio control from other devices (game console, second computer…), 1 headset output, 1 XLR microphone input, 1 optical connector, 1 line-in port, 1 line-out port
  • Live management of creator and audience mixes: 2 x 2 stereo VU meters for each track, Creator/Audience mix switching button, volume control link button, live adjustment without having to use the app
  • Mixer with built-in audio, advanced audio features: Mute List, Solo, Push to Mute, preamp for high-fidelity vocal sound​
  • Streaming management control: 4 assignable action buttons: multiple mute, URL launcher, scene change, etc.
  • Advanced interface customization possibilities: choice of colors and styles for VU meters, custom backgrounds and icons, profile management
  • Integrated software: Hercules Stream Control app. Core streaming apps are pre-integrated in the software, so you can easily manage your stream’s scenes (OBS, Streamlabs), built-in guidance (setup assistance, plug-and-play product, drag-and-drop interface).

Box Contents:

Hercules Mic Pre-amp
Type C USB power cable
Link to download Hercules Steam Control app
Warranty card

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 155 x 110 x 115mm / 4.6 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches
Weight: 543g
Screen: 4.3 inches / LCD Type: TFT
Controls: 4 encoders, 4 action buttons, screen on/off button, panic button, page change button, link button; Creator/Audience button
Connection: Windows computer : via USB (cable included)
Power: Power supply via included USB cable
Minimum System Requirements: Windows 10 or higher, USB port

This item is covered with 7 days Return Policy.
Before/After filing a request, kindly reach out to Gameline CSR. (videos and pictures are required)