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Hori Screen Protector for NS Lite - Blue-light Cut 9H [NS2-005]


High hardness blue light cut film easy to stick Pita pasting for Nintendo Switch Lite

High hardness 9H
High surface hardness, strong against scratches and flexible, making it difficult to break.

Blue light cut
There is little color change and high transparency. (Cut rate: 32%)
* Due to the characteristics of the film, the LCD screen with this product will appear yellowish than the original color of the game console.
Please be forewarned.


What is blue light?
It is blue light of 380nm to 495nm (nanometer) in visible light.
It has the highest energy among visible rays and reaches the retina without being absorbed by the cornea or lens of the eye.

Pita pasting method
Positioning and pasting with our patented technology "Pita pasting" is difficult to fail.

Easy positioning
Accurate positioning can be repeated with the fixing sticker.

Dust adsorption prevention The
adhesive surface is not exposed until just before application, preventing dust adsorption due to peeling electrification.

Smooth peeling The
peeling sheet can be peeled off simply by pulling the tab.