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Moza SGP Sequential Shifter [RS059]

by Moza
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Moza SGP Sequential Shifter

All Metal Construction

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength steel using CNC high-gloss cutting technology, our shifter boasts a sleek metallic texture and unmatched durability for a truly premium feel.

Immersive Realism

The precision in structural design guarantees accurate shifting, delivering smooth gear shifts with swift rebounds for an immersive racing experience that mirrors the superior feel of real racing cars' sequential gearboxes.

Versatile Multi-Functional Handle

Equipped with a multi-functional handle, our shifter allows quick shifts to neutral or reverse, with customizable options for other commonly used functions, providing ultimate flexibility.

Stable Non-Contact Hall Sensor

The non-contact Hall sensor technology ensures high stability without wear, guaranteeing consistent and reliable shifting time after time.

Dynamic RGB Backlit Mechanical Buttons

Elevate your gaming setup with two RGB backlit mechanical buttons, offering eight color options and practical customization for commonly used functions.

Personalized Adjustability

Tailor your experience with adjustable shifting resistance, and enjoy further customization with the handle's height, adjustable within a 64mm range for personalized comfort.

Customizable Shifter Knob

The shifter knob features an automotive industry standard M12 thread allowing easy replacement with most aftermarket shifter heads, enabling a personalized touch to your setup.

Seamless Connectivity

Easily connect to your PC via USB or compatible MOZA bases, providing a direct and hassle-free connection for optimal performance.

Fully Customizable

Customize your MOZA SGP shifter through the MOZA Pit House software. Personalize button colors and brightness, sync shifter paddle and sequential setting effortlessly. The flexible reverse mounting feature allows the SGP to be easily fitted to your racing rig.

Durable Performance

Rigorously tested through millions of cycles our shifter's mechanism passed all durability tests without any signs of structural or electronic issues. Enjoy a consistently high-quality experience with every use.

What's In the box



320mm x 182mm x 52mm

Housing Material

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength steel

Lever Material

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

Knob Material

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

Adjustable Damper


Multi-functional Handle


Backlit Buttons


Choice of Colors


Height Adjustment Range


Mounting Method

Forward or reverse

Connection Method

USB direct connection to PC or compatible MOZA bases

Shifter Knob Thread

M12 x 1.5

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