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Next Level Racing Challenger Racing Simulator Cockpit


Bring the race track to your home with the Next level Racing® Challenger Simulator Cockpit, the perfect cockpit to enter the world of sim racing! The Challenger cockpit is the perfect solution to mount your steering wheel, pedals and even shifter in an authentic racing position to give you a true race car driving experience from the comfort of your home. The minimalistic design of the Challenger cockpit provides you with a rigid and realistic racing experience without a huge footprint.

If you are limited on space the Next Level Racing® Lockable Castor Wheels are also compatible with the Challenger cockpit. This allows you to easily roll the cockpit into the room when wanting to race and easily storing when not in use.


  • • Patent pending design provides rigid support for steering wheel, shifter and pedals whilst providing minimal footprint
  • • Adjustable wheel height and angle
  • • Adjustable pedal distance and angle
  • • Seat slider included allowing quick and easy adjustment of seat for different sized users
  • • Gear shifter support included can be added on left or right side, has two different heights based on preference and can also be attached next to the seat or next to the wheel
  • • Position of centre pole designed not to interfere with driving, braking or serious heel and toe driving
  • • Seat is angle adjustable and seat design allows user up to 150kg or 330lbs to race comfortably
  • • Height adjustable feet included that also protect your floor
  • • Compatible with all major wheel and pedals. Pre-drilled for Logitech®, Thrustmaster®, Fanatec®
  • • Premium laser cut, robot welded carbon steel in Matte Black