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Nintendo Switch Georifters (ASIA)


One punch, pull, push, twist, spin can change the world.

The environment is not the only thing that needs changing! Journey to the 6 unique bubble worlds and inspire each hero to over come there differences of one another and join your adventure; You’ll need they’re abilities in creatively manipulating the world; spinning, pushing, pulling, flipping the terrain to gain access to new areas, discover powerful weapons, unlock upgrades, overcoming strange creatures all in an effort to make enough small adjustments to change the fate of they’re worlds.


Change the world: Unique ground manipulation abilities allow you to move the world in many ways around your enemies or your self!
Friends? Not so sure: Grab up to four friends to team up with or against each other in the Battle Arena
Go costume bonkers: From classic to ridonkulous, every hero has a collection of costumes for you to go nuts
Unlock Surprises: Unlock heroes, worlds, weapons, upgrades and more
Tactical manipulation: More a thinker than a fighter? Grab a friend for some precision ground manipulation in Co-op.
Into the unknown: Explore 6 fantastical worlds comprised of 30+ levels with 300+ stages