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Hori Pouch Set for Nintendo Switch - Splatoon 2

Convenient accessory set with pouch, card case, cleaning cloth set! The body of the Nintendo Switch (Joy - con is connected) enters the pouch. Cleaning cloth is as easy to use as Nintendo Switch screen size. In the card case, you can store a total of 4 Nintendo Switch game cards.
  • Is Squid the accessory that can enjoy Splatoon 2 more?
  • "Splatoon 2" It is a tie-up licensed item. It is a three-piece set of pouch, card case, cleaning cloth.
  • Nintendo Switch body (with Joy-Con stored) It is a soft pouch that can store 1 unit. It boasts a colorful appearance and ease of handling.
  • Four Nintendo Switch game cards can be stored. Vivid squid design. It is a carabiner on the back, and it can be attached to a bag etc.
  • It is a microfiber cleaning cloth. It can be stored in a pouch, it is just right size.