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Nintendo Switch Lets Sing 2021 With 1 Mic (ASIA)


Battle your way to the top as a solo Superstar or against your friends! Mix it up and play the game Your way with the latest rendition of the singing game Let's Sing. Let the music take control and lose yourself with songs like "High hopes" From panic! At the disco. Become a legend on the stage with classics like "kiss from a rose" With seal.

Experience international Smash hits like "bad guy" With Billie eilish making up a huge international track list. Let's Sing 2021 offers you, the performer a great variety of songs and has a hit for everyone! Whether you're training your voice solo or celebrating the next karaoke party with friends and family - fun is guaranteed with Let's Sing 2021.

Check out the thrilling game modes, various features and the new playlist with up-to-date Super hits and all-time classics. Grab the microphone and choose your song. If you don't have a USB microphone at hand, just transform your phone into a microphone with the Let's Sing microphone-app and your performance begins straight away …the stage is all yours!


Microphone Features

  • PlayStation 4, PlayStation Pro
  • Cable Lenghth : 300cm
  • ON / OFF Button