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Omelet Wireless Joy-Con Controller for NS

by Omelet

Omelet Gaming Switch Pro Wireless Controller

The controller’s design is unique in that it’s either semi (black or white model) or completely transparent, allowing you to see the motherboard inside the device. It’s pretty cool seeing the machine’s inner workings although it does have a couple of drawbacks. The plastic shell does attract smudges pretty easily (although they’re not too noticeable).

In terms of handling, the hard plastic also isn’t quite as comfortable as the leather grips on the first-party Nintendo Pro controller but it’s still solid in its own right. The Omelet Pro fits firmly into your hands with a good amount of heft. It feels good to hold and not like it’s going the break if you grip it too hard.

In terms of connecting it to the Switch and charging, simply plug it into the Switch’s charging dock (or the USB port on your pc) via the Type-C USB cable that comes with the device the same way you would the Nintendo Pro Controller. It’s a quick and simple set-up that shouldn’t require any hassle.

Extra Features

Of course one of the highlights of the omelet pro is the various extra features on the controller.

The most prevalent of these are the two buttons on the backside of the grips that are mappable to different functions depending on the game. Having more buttons on a controller is always helpful like being able quickly to pull out weapons and skills that might otherwise take some time to access so it’s good that these were included on the controller. The buttons are also well placed on the grips and feel natural to press and hold on the device.


For Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

What's in the Box?

1 x Controller

1 x USB Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual