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[PRE-ORDER] PS4 Metaphor Re Fantazio (R3) [Release Date: October 11, 2024]


Door-to-Door option, a separate invoice will be sent to your registered e-mail a day prior to the release for the settlement of the Remaining Balance.

For Store Pick Up, the Remaining Balance will be settled in the store.

Tentative Release Date:  October 11, 2024

Estimated Price : TBA

Down payment : PHP 500

 Metaphor Re Fantazio

This is a story of how people must find unity to elect a new king.

Our story takes place in The United Kingdom of Euchronia, where the assassination of the king brings chaos and unrest to the land. Then, one fateful day, a magic known only to the king called the Royal Magic is invoked, and the world becomes embroiled in a royal tournament for the throne.

In the midst of this, the protagonist, together with his partner, the fairy Gallica, must find a way to break the curse that has been placed on the prince that the kingdom believes to be dead. To do so, they depart on a journey across the vast land.

They will discover that in order to achieve their goal, they must participate in the tournament for the throne, and this great task shall require them to ally with many friends and followers of the various tribes inhabiting the world.


  • A mysterious and exciting story unfolds in a world where people must fight their own anxiety. Join the high-stakes Royal Tournament that promises hours of captivating exploration and discovery.
  • Ride your gauntlet runner to faraway dungeons and towns across an expansive world. Discover beautiful landscapes accompanied by captivating music, immersive UI, and anime cutscenes.
  • An exhilarating turn-based combat system with a blend of real-time action. Party customization through “Archetype” powers provides the freedom to personalize your adventure.
  • Go on quests, dungeon dive, and hunt for treasures by day. Strengthen relationships, build bonds, and increase virtues by night. Choose your actions wisely, time management is key to achieving your goal.

Pre-order bonus:
Archetype Experience Item Set:

  • Hero's Incense x10 (Increases Archetype experience by 100)
  • Heroic Fruit x5 (Increases Archetype experience by 500)

Journey Rations Set:

  • 30,000 reeves (In-game currency)
  • Magical Bread x3 (Recover a small amount of HP while in dungeons)
  • Expensive Medicine x5 (Recovers 200 HP)
  • Stale Blackbread x2 (Deals 300 Almighty damage to one enemy.)
  • Revival Medicine x5 (Revives one ally)

This item is covered with 7 days Return Policy.
Before/After filing a request, kindly reach out to Gameline CSR. (videos and pictures are required)