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Royal Kludge RKR65 Single Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard


Royal Kludge RKR65 Single Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Dynamic RGB backlighting: Illuminate your gaming setup with vibrant RGB backlighting, enhancing your gaming experience and creating an immersive atmosphere.

Compact design: Enjoy a compact and space-saving layout, perfect for gaming setups with limited space, and allowing for greater mouse movement during intense gaming sessions.

RK Snow key switches: Experience responsive and tactile key presses with RK Snow switches, designed for gaming performance and durability, ensuring precise and reliable keystrokes.

Versatile white/green color scheme: Elevate your gaming aesthetic with a striking white and green color combination, adding a unique touch to your gaming keyboard setup.

High-quality construction: Crafted for durability and longevity, this 5Q RGB gaming keyboard from RK ROYAL KLUDGE is built to withstand intense gaming sessions and deliver reliable performance.


1. Gasket Structure- Higher-level keyboard structure,pure sound, soft feel, this wonderful feel can make the typing process very pleasant and full of fun.

2. With knob adjustment, supporting dual systems; Support firmware USB online updates; Support FN key combination to achieve function switching; Support full key conflict free; Supports multiple backlight mode adjustments.

3. This keyboard adopts an ergonomically designed tilt angle and stepped keycaps to minimize fatigue during use.

4. Hot-swappable- Hot-swap PCB allows

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