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SparkFox Pro-Hex Thumb Grips for PS4/PS5


SparkFox Pro-Hex Thumb Grips for PS4/PS5


The Sparkfox Pro-Hex Thumb Grips unique shape has been designed to ensure maximum control when playing games where accuracy is essential. The flat central area sits close to the original thumbgrip surface while the raised sides give extra purchase when making quick or sudden thumbstick movements.
The Pro-Hex Thumb Grips have also been designed to be tightly fitted to the controller. This ensures they stay in place whatever move you need to make in game. This pack includes 2 x Tall and 2 x Classic height thumbgrips allow you to choose your preferred method of attack! Tried other thumb grips? its about time you tried these... You won't be sorry!!


  • High Sided groove design - For improved aim and 360° control
  • Variable Dots - Texture dots designed for maximum grip and comfort, Bobbles 
    add grip and feel to the thumb sticks
  • Ultimate Fit - Designed to stay in place once fitted

     This item is covered with 7 days Return Policy.
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